Tutorial: Making a Releasable Cinch for the Cowl Hat

Cowl hats are a wonderful and versatile project. In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to make a releasable cinch using ribbon. This method hides the ribbon when worn as a cowl and shows it off when worn as a hat.

releasable cinch hat+cowl-01
1. First ribbon row: in the last row weave ribbon over and under 1 stitch every 10 stitches. Making sure the ribbon is just long enough to accommodate the cowl hat stretching over a head, cut ribbon and tie ends together.

Second ribbon row: In the second to last row, beginning at the opposite side of the tube from where the first ribbon is tied, weave ribbon over and under 1 stitch every 10 stitches. Stagger the stitch weaved under so it sits in the middle of the stitch woven under in the first row. Making the length the same as the first ribbon, cut and tie ends together.

releasable cinch hat+cowl-02
2. To cinch: grasp the knots from each ribbon and pull.
releasable cinch hat+cowl-03
3. Tie in a bow to secure.

finished hat+cowl-02finished hat+cowl-04
4. Now you have a cowl with a secret – it’s an undercover hat. And the hat is as lovely as can be.


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