Running On Yarn Cowl & Hat – Crochet Patterns By The Firefly Hook

With all of the wisdom and metaphorical power of a fable, these four delicate fingering weight yarn strands are joined together to create a bulky yarn of gorgeous heft.


Tidepool – Free Crochet Hat Pattern

The charm of exploring a tide pool is in expecting the unexpected. Beautiful and always surprising, tide pools are one of my loves. This hat shimmers in blues and greens and its construction is an adventure in unpredictability!  The sideways construction allows for a huge negative ease only found in knit fabrics.

Tightrope – Free Crochet Headband Pattern

The title of this piece celebrates the adventure of marriage. The song “Tightrope” in The Greatest Showman reminds me of the relationship I have with my husband. I’d go with him anywhere –even out on a tightrope –so long as he is by my side. We’ve had many adventures and mis-adventures over the years, but we’ve weathered it all because we’ve stayed together. So this headband is a celebration of taking different strands of a life, sewing them together as one, and enjoying the unified whole.

Tinker With Color – Free Crochet Hat Pattern

I mostly wear black, so a splash of bold color is a must-have in my wardrobe rotation. I love to play with color, and an ombre mini skein kit is an easy way to get a bunch of colors together. The hat begins with a simple increase then ends with decreases and post stitches to give a fun texture to the hat. So get yourself a fun mix of colors and start making!