Not Knit Hat Crochet Pattern

Not Knit Hat

Do you love the look of knit hats, but can’t bring yourself to attempt making two pointy sticks work together in perfect harmony? Try this faux knit hat that is actually crocheted! Because of its negative ease, you can enjoy a snug fit, similar to the construction of a knit hat. However, since this is crocheted, you can whip one up in half the time! No lie. I’ve got the YouTube videos to prove it! So enjoy the best of both worlds: the look and feel of a tight knit hat, and the cozy thickness of your crocheted version.


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Yarn: One and a half 50g skeins “Thick & Thin” bulky yarn (Approx. 75g total) Specific yarn used: We Are Knitters The Wave

Yarn info on The Wave on Ravelry here.

Hook: 6.5 mm

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Pattern Info


14 sts & 8 rows = 4″ in hdc


Baby, Toddler, Child, Teen/Adult


Baby – 16” circ., 8” height

Toddler – 17” circ., 9” height

Child – 18” circ., 10” height

Adult – 19” circ., 11” height


  • Because the chains and rows are measured to create this hat, any yarn/hook combo can be used for this pattern. Just follow the instructions for the desired size. Be aware – just like in any other pattern in the crochet/knit-verse – straying from the original yarn/hook/gauge in a pattern will create a different result than the original.
  • This hat is worked sideways, the edges of the rows form the top and bottom of the hat. First and last rows are sewn together then the top is closed by working decrease rnds.
  • Ribbed side/faux-knit texture will be the outside of the hat and is referred to as the RS.
  • This hat has a lot of negative ease. Be sure your gauge and yarn/hook combo allow for 3” negative ease for the adult size hat (the smaller sizes will have slightly less negative ease).
  • Turn chains do not count as a stitch.
  • The rnds closing the hole at the top of the hat adds 0″ – 0.5″ to the total height of the hat.
  • Row 3 is worked into the 3rd loop of the hdc. Observe the stitches of row 2 with the RS facing. Look at the typical front and back loops. Look behind the back loop and find the 3rd loop. Now turn and prepare to work row 3. Rotate the top two loops of the stitch away from you and think of the original front loop of the stitch as the back loop and look for the 3rd loop. Work in the 3rd loop as you would work into the front loop of a stitch. See photos and videos for further help.
  • Sewing/finishing – Rnd 1: When working in each row end, make sure to close up any gaps/spaces as you go around, skipping row ends as needed to prevent gaps from forming. See video for further assistance.


BL        back loop

ch        chain

dc        double crochet

hdc      half double crochet

rep       repeat

RS        right side

sc         single crochet

st         stitch

WS      wrong side

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Create a chain based on which hat size you’re making: Adult 11”; Child 10”; Toddler 9”; Baby 8”. (Adult sized hat in photos needed 36 chs.)

Row 1: (WS) Hdc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across. (Stitch count based on initial chs. Skipped sts do not count as a stitch.)

Row 2: Ch 2, turn, hdc in BL of each hdc across.

Row 3: Ch 2, turn, hdc in the 3rd loop. (See pattern notes above.)

Rep rows 2 – 3 until hat measures the correct size: Adult 19”; Child 18”; Toddler 17”; Baby 16”.

Do not finish off.



Fold hat in half with right side (RS) facing out (RS is the faux-knit pattern). Lay the first row over the last row (so the initial chains are aligned over the last row) and sew together by working a sl st through both layers (working through both loops of the stitch on the bottom layer), do not finish off. The sl sts should mimic the faux-knit look on the rest of the hat.

Closing the top:

Note: Work this section in a spiral with no visible transitions between rnds; do not connect rnds. Use stitch marker as needed to keep track of rnds.

Rnd 1: (See pattern notes) Begin where last sl st from seam ended, work 1 sc in the end of every other row around. (st count = number of rows worked divided by 2).

Rnd 2: Sc2tog around (work 1 sc at the end if there’s an uneven st count), sl st in first st of rnd, finish off leaving a 12” tail for sewing.

Whip stitch around row 3 to close hole.

Hat may be worn with or without the brim folded up.

Add a pom or wear as is.

Hope you liked the pattern! Comment below with any questions. I added some YouTube videos from my channel below. Enjoy!

Crochet often. Create always!



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7 thoughts on “Not Knit Hat Crochet Pattern”

  1. I read the pattern and I’m starting!! So excited 😆. I’m using the yarn I have left from the cowl I just tested because my daughter (the model) asked for a matching hat!! Where do I upload my photos??


    1. Hi Julie,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      That’s correct – if the turn chain doesn’t count as a stitch, then you don’t work into it.
      We are doing this hat as a CAL (Crochet Along) next week if you want to join the group!


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