Monika’s Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

This cozy cowl was designed for my photographer years ago. She still wears this cowl each winter and I’ve FINALLY written it up for everyone to enjoy!


Cowgirl Meets Minneapolis Free Crochet Pattern

Cowgirl Meets Minneapolis Tumbleweed or graffiti art, cowboy coffee or artisan lattes, lonely mountains or crowded streets…it turns out you can love both. I recently moved from Wyoming back to Minneapolis, and the culture, slang, and rhythms of both ways of life pulse together through my veins and find their way into my designs. Growing… Continue reading Cowgirl Meets Minneapolis Free Crochet Pattern

Rock-a-Bye Baby Bunting – Free Crochet Pattern

Sweetly festive and as colorful as you choose to make it, this bunting looks like a celebration and this superwash wool launders beautifully. You can pull it out every year for party decorations or crochet it in the colors of baby’s room and leave it up for whimsical décor. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial… Continue reading Rock-a-Bye Baby Bunting – Free Crochet Pattern

Double Layered Handle Holder – Free Crochet Pattern

I wanted to design a cozy that could be worked in rows then folded twice so it would be more fun for me to make them. The cozy on a cast iron needs to be double-layered because the pans are so heavy. If you only have one layer, your fingers could press against the holes in the cozy (which is supposed to function as a protection against the heat) and you’ll get a burn and probably a broken toe when you drop the pan.