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12 Free Patterns With Malabrigo Yarn

Monika’s Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

This cozy cowl was designed for my photographer years ago. She still wears this cowl each winter and I’ve FINALLY written it up for everyone to enjoy!

Rock-a-Bye Baby Bunting – Free Crochet Pattern

Sweetly festive and as colorful as you choose to make it, this bunting looks like a celebration and this superwash wool launders beautifully. You can pull it out every year for party decorations or crochet it in the colors of baby’s room and leave it up for whimsical décor.

Dogwood Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

My husband and I moved to Wyoming shortly after we married, and we both fell in love with its stark prairie beauty and sunsets that fill the entire sky. After 8 amazing years and 3 amazing kids later, we moved back to Minnesota to be near family.

Winter Solace – Free Crochet Pattern

Wrap yourself up in comfort. This shawl works up beautifully with a lovely pattern crocheted on the bias and is sure to add cozy warmth to the chilly winter months.

Autumn Paradox – Free Crochet Pattern

This scarf is great for those who have mastered basic stitches and are ready to learn a few advanced stitches.

Wildflower Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern

This gorgeous scarf is crocheted in a colorful wool that is a delight to work up! The intricate stitches leave you with a scarf literally infused with flowers. You can drape it around your shoulders to add a touch of winsome loveliness to any outfit or make it as a gift for someone who will feel truly special.

Stardust Gypsum – Free Crochet Pattern

Stardust gypsum is commonly known as baby’s breath, and it is one of those delicately understated blooms that makes everything next to it look more lovely. With colors reminiscent of the beautiful dried blooms for which its named, this cowl will give you warmth all winter long.

La Mecha – Free Crochet Pattern

This is a great hat to learn sizing and increasing because it is constructed with the simplest of stitches: the single crochet. The merino wool creates a beanie that is warm without being bulky. So, grab your hook and yarn and whip up one of these hats to add a splash of color to your favorite outfit or a last-minute gift for someone amazing in your life.


A simply constructed headband reminiscent of shells and foliage found on the water’s edge.

Chemo Caps: Dove & Peacock Hats (Free Patterns!)

The Iva Cowl Free Pattern

This bulky cowl feels cozy and looks good on everyone. It can keep you warm on a cold day or be worn with sleeveless shirts for a fashion statement all year long.

Free Pattern and Tutorial: Tried & True Beginner Blanket

I designed this blanket with the true beginner in mind. Maybe you took a class, or a friend taught you the single crochet. You’ve made a stack of hats, but you want more! This is the project for you.


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