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Psst… Crochet. Pass it on.

In case you haven't caught on, I'll just tell you straight up - I love teaching crochet. And I will admit - I love getting paid... cuz I do love eating, heating my home, and... wait, who am I kidding? I pretty much get paid in yarn! But way above and beyond the practical payback, I LOVE… Continue reading Psst… Crochet. Pass it on.

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Do you Dream in Color? In Yarn Color that is…

Look at that girl! Do you see that obsessed look in her eyes? THAT is someone who loves yarn. I appreciate yarn for every reason there is. I love cheap yarn, expensive yarn; the soft, the gritty; bulky and fine weights; yarn I spun myself and decades-old yarn stashed in storage. I love it all. Cheap yarn:… Continue reading Do you Dream in Color? In Yarn Color that is…

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12 Free Patterns With Malabrigo Yarn

Monika’s Cowl Free Crochet Pattern This cozy cowl was designed for my photographer years ago. She still wears this cowl each winter and I’ve FINALLY written it up for everyone to enjoy! Rock-a-Bye Baby Bunting – Free Crochet Pattern Sweetly festive and as colorful as you choose to make it, this bunting looks like a celebration and… Continue reading 12 Free Patterns With Malabrigo Yarn


Cast Iron Cozy Crochet Pattern

Omelet, anyone? I love cooking with cast iron. Yes, I cook eggs in mine. No, they do not stick because a properly seasoned cast iron skillet is the best and most natural non-stick pan there is. That, and I’m not afraid of a little bacon grease or butter. I converted to cast iron a few… Continue reading Cast Iron Cozy Crochet Pattern

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Free Pattern: Dove and Peacock Chemo Caps

Dove and Peacock Chemo Caps These hats were designed exclusively for The Dancing Sheep Yarn & Fiber. Our hope is that many of you will crochet hats for our sisters struggling with cancer and wrap them up in love and hope by this simple act. Charlotte says some women are doves, some women are peacocks.… Continue reading Free Pattern: Dove and Peacock Chemo Caps