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Do you Dream in Color? In Yarn Color that is…

Look at that girl! Do you see that obsessed look in her eyes? THAT is someone who loves yarn. I appreciate yarn for every reason there is. I love cheap yarn, expensive yarn; the soft, the gritty; bulky and fine weights; yarn I spun myself and decades-old yarn stashed in storage. I love it all. Cheap yarn:… Continue reading Do you Dream in Color? In Yarn Color that is…


Wyoming Cowgirl Scarf

Some time ago I told you all about a project (my handkerchief scarf) I was working on and the skein of yarn that almost got the best of me. I was victorious and wanted to share the finished product with you all... but only after Monika photographed it. As you can see from the photos I… Continue reading Wyoming Cowgirl Scarf


Blink in Time

I don't think I need to convince you that Monika has taken countless photos of me crocheting, perfectly positioning my hands, hook, and yarn for tutorials on this blog. We see each other about twice a year. I go to MN to see family and her, then she comes to WY (usually with my mom).… Continue reading Blink in Time


Chemo Caps Free Pattern

You can find the Chemo Caps pattern here.