Blink in Time

I don’t think I need to convince you that Monika has taken countless photos of me crocheting, perfectly positioning my hands, hook, and yarn for tutorials on this blog.

We see each other about twice a year. I go to MN to see family and her, then she comes to WY (usually with my mom).

Sometimes it’s hard for us to find shots we took many months ago. “Hey, where did that series of photos go for that tutorial we need to post?”

I can imagine Monika scrolling and scrolling and scrolling through her giant files of Firefly Hook photos in search of that specific series I asked for.

All her images are stunning, so when I say this one made me suck in my breath and (I’ll admit) get a little (just a little, okay?) teary eyed, you know she caught something magical.

I am doing my favorite thing, in my favorite place (my parents’ backyard), wearing my favorite outfit, my engagement/wedding ring is beautifully visible, a dandelion plucked by my (then only) 4 year old son in my hair, my daughter stuck to my side grinning with all six of her teeth, my 2 year old son in my eye-line, wreaking havoc in the raspberry bushes, and my dear friend behind the lens capturing this sacred blink in time.


Or just an amazing life?


Hey everyone!

It’s the editor here. I know… a good editor should be invisible, but as I let the moment captured in this picture and in Abbey’s description wash over me, I was struck by the power of creative acts.

The act of creating/capturing something beautiful allows us to stand back and re-inhabit the mundane. Sometimes the most precious things are lost in their normalcy. Every time that you create, you position yourself uniquely in time and space, making it possible to go back to a memory or face the future with the desire to really see the people and places surrounding us. Whether it’s jotting down a paragraph in a journal, framing a watercolor that you or one of your children made, crocheting baby booties, or sending a card: participate in the beauty of your everyday life!

From all of us here at the Firefly Hook, be well readers, and celebrate the beauty of your own blink in time!


4 thoughts on “Blink in Time”

  1. Abbey, This is the first post that I have read from your website and I swear I almost started to cry. How beautiful!! You have got a very happy student in me and also an avid follower.


  2. Beautifully said! I agree that the arts help capture the emotion in the inanimate. Thank you for sharing your perspectives. Also a lovey addition from the editor.


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