Wyoming Cowgirl Scarf

???????????????????????????????Some time ago I told you all about a project (my handkerchief scarf) I was working on and the skein of yarn that almost got the best of me.

I was victorious and wanted to share the finished product with you all… but only after Monika photographed it.


As you can see from the photos I took – it’s a tricky color to photograph! But of course, Monika nails it. Not only does she know how to depict her subject’s true color, but she makes all my projects shine.

I made this design specifically for a class I taught at the Dancing Sheep Yarn & Fiber. I designed one scarf to be perfect for beginners, but I wanted another scarf to be more of a challenge for my repeat students.

Hankerchief scarf-07Malabrigo yarn is so gorgeous and this color is perfect. I wanted a simple yet elegant design to enhance its sheen.

Hankerchief scarf-09

I truly love this design – this handkerchief scarf can be worn over the shoulders as a shawl or wrapped around the neck as a scarf. I named it the Wyoming Cowgirl Scarf because it’s both beautiful and practical a cowgirl could really show it off. I also made a big move from Minnesota to Wyoming about seven years ago so I thought it appropriate to give this beautiful state a curtsy.

Hankerchief scarf-05

Click to purchase this pattern: Ravelry

Happy crocheting, everyone!



2 thoughts on “Wyoming Cowgirl Scarf”

    1. That is so fun! I taught this scarf in a class last year and I am so excited to finally be able to share it with everyone. I hope you like your class!



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