United Airlines Flight with Service from Minneapolis to Casper

Stash hat blue-01

Its almost been a year since the Firefly Hook posted its first free pattern (Grapes and Cherries Applique) in February of 2013.

Since our beginning, we have posted a free pattern and tutorials each month to help you learn to crochet.

Our readership has grown steadily and we have made important connections with people from around the world.

We are grateful for relationships with creative crocheters, bloggers, and yarnophiles from those of you at The Dancing Sheep, to our customers on Etsy, and friends from countries across the world.

You inspire us to keep dreaming big!

I am thrilled to announce an important piece of that dream is on her way here soon-

My mom and Monika will travel from Minnesota to Wyoming at the end of the month.

My mom gets her fill of grand-babies while Monika and I skip off to a coffee shop everyday to work… I know, it sounds terrible 😉

We are so excited to work on new material and share it with all of you!

We have some fun projects and tutorials in the works (and even a children’s fiction story with crochet patterns!) so stay connected and don’t miss out on all the good stuff we have planned for 2014.

Thank you for coming with us on the creative and beautiful ride of 2013.

Happy crocheting!



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