Llama Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

Llama Cowl Llamas. You may think of them as the pack animal of the southern hemisphere, but I think of gorgeous yarn (Okay, fine. I may also think of spitting). These fascinating majestic beasts do indeed protect themselves by spitting. They also spit to show their dominance or disapproval for fellow llamas (And I’m pretty… Continue reading Llama Cowl Free Crochet Pattern


Cowgirl Meets Minneapolis Free Crochet Pattern

Cowgirl Meets Minneapolis Tumbleweed or graffiti art, cowboy coffee or artisan lattes, lonely mountains or crowded streets…it turns out you can love both. I recently moved from Wyoming back to Minneapolis, and the culture, slang, and rhythms of both ways of life pulse together through my veins and find their way into my designs. Growing… Continue reading Cowgirl Meets Minneapolis Free Crochet Pattern