Cowgirl Meets Minneapolis Free Crochet Pattern

Cowgirl Meets Minneapolis

Tumbleweed or graffiti art, cowboy coffee or artisan lattes, lonely mountains or crowded streets…it turns out you can love both.
I recently moved from Wyoming back to Minneapolis, and the culture, slang, and rhythms of both ways of life pulse together through my veins and find their way into my designs.

Growing up in a quiet, sleepy farm-town in rural MN, I lived on the same street my entire life until college. Minnesota with its crisp apples, wild snowstorms, and intense turn of the season is forever dear to my heart.

My husband and I moved to Wyoming shortly after we married, and we both fell in love with the stark prairie beauty and sunsets that fill the entire sky. After 8 amazing years and 3 amazing kids later, we moved back home to be near family.

This bandana cowl combines the spirit of the wild west with the urban fashion of south Minneapolis. Both places will always be a part of me and I love that this piece incorporates design elements from places so disparate and equally wonderful.

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The piece is worked into a triangle, then after two corners are joined together, the cowl is created by working stitches in a tube. This is a straightforward project with simple stitches that crocheters of any skill level will enjoy.

Whether you are working up this project on a ranch or on a subway, you will no doubt find a way to wear this bandana that’s all your own.

I wrote this pattern as a guest post for Whistle & Ivy.

View the pattern here.


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