Featured Free Pattern: Crochet Christmas Ornaments by Wink

I am always on the lookout for excellent patterns and tutorials I can share with all of my lovely blog friends.  

These two ornament choices were written by Wink. Check out her beautiful blog A Creative Being. The accompanying tutorials are so excellent even a beginner can feel confident to give it a go!

Handmade traditions create a powerful connection to the past. Pulling crocheted ornaments out of the Christmas ornament box every Advent season and adding a new one to the box each year is a special way to keep your collection of handmade ornaments growing.

Click to view pattern and tutorial on Tuts+ by Wink.

How gorgeous are these?! They would make an excellent gift with a personal touch for anyone on your Christmas list. You could customize them with any color or sew a hand written note or special date (birth, anniversary, etc)  to the ribbon. Why not upcycle your old ornaments and let younger children yarn-wrap them with colors that match the ones you crocheted?

Click to view pattern and tutorial on Wink’s blog: A Creative Being.

I love these snow covered ornaments. These would add a unique touch to any tree or garland. You will have so much fun creating these!

Need help getting started? Check out our Tubular Crochet series which includes our Coffee Cozy. It’s truly the best place to begin!

Let us know how you like the patterns and make sure to drop Wink a note and tell her how incredible her design is!

Be well dear readers. Crochet often. Create always!



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