Book Review: Woolbur

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Written by: Leslie Helakoski

Illustrated by: Lee Harper

Published by: HarperCollins


Woolbur’s list of Do’s and Don’ts:

DO express yourself creatively…
DON’T worry if you weave your forelock into a pot holder!

DO march to your own beat…
DON’T worry when Maa and Paa tell you to stay with the herd!

DO be bold and brave…
DON’T be afraid to BE YOURSELF!

Woolbur is not like other sheep. He hangs out with wild dogs, cards his own wool to avoid the shearing barn, and even dyes his wool blue. “Don’t worry!” says Grandpaa when Maa and Paa fret that Woolbur is different. But when they tell their son to follow the flock, the opposite happens—the flock follows him! Soon everyone is copying his wild hairstyles and taking turns on the spinning wheel. Leave it to Woolbur to find a new way to step ahead of the herd.

Spunky, funky, and refreshingly distinct, Woolbur will strike a chord with anyone who’s ever felt different. And that’s all of us!

Hardcover: 32 pages

ISBN: 978-0060847265

Woolbur book trailer

The Firefly Hook’s review of Woolbur:

Audience: Children

Theme: Marching to your own drum.

Highs and Lows:

Woolbur comes very close to being the perfect children’s story. Honestly, this review was difficult to write because there aren’t any negative points to discuss.

The interesting illustrations that  tell their own story, the repeating lines that children catch onto, and the theme of celebrating uniqueness that resonates with everyone, young and old. If you look closely at the illustrations you will see clues to why “Grandpaa” sheep tells “Maa” and “Paa” not to worry about their son Woolbur and how different he is – not because Grandpaa is overly optimistic but because of his free spirited and trailblazing connection to his grandson. Grandpaa turned out just fine and so will Woolbur.

I love this story because it teaches kids to be creative and encourages them to influence others in a positive way. Woolbur isn’t naughty, he just marches to his own drum. He would be the kid in class who listens to the teacher, does his assignments, and has green spiked hair.

Overall Grade: A

Favorite Quote:

“I don’t want to shear my wool,” said Woolbur. “Being woolly feels nice.”

“But it’s springtime!” said Paa.

“I know,” said Woolbur, “Isn’t it great?”

“Your wool is so long!” said Maa.

“I know,” said Woolbur, “Isn’t it great?”


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