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Tutorial: Triple / Treble Crochet

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to work a triple err… make that a treble crochet (tr).

When I teach crochet I refer to this stitch as a triple crochet. Since we learn single and double crochets first, it seems more logical to my students to refer to this as a triple crochet. According to the Craft Yarn Council abbreviation list this is a treble crochet and the abbreviation is (tr).

I won’t lie; I wish it was called a triple crochet and the abbreviation was tc. But since I use their standards for my designs, we will use tr throughout this pattern. 🙂 No matter the controversy I create by wanting to call it a triple crochet, this is one of my favorite stitches (I think only the linked triple crochet has it beat).


Note the completed tr in the photo above. It is taller than the double crochet.Tr-02

1. Yarn over hook (yoh) twice.Tr-03

2. Insert hook into the next stitch.


3. Yoh. Tr-06

4. Draw yoh through stitch (4 loops on hook).Tr-07

5. Yoh.Tr-08

6. Draw yoh through 2 loops (3 loops remain).Tr-09

7. Yoh.Tr-10

8. Draw yoh through 2 loops (2 loops remain).

9. Yoh.Tr-1210. Draw yoh through final two loops on hook. One tr complete.

Treble Crochet (tr): Yoh twice, insert hook into next st, yoh, draw yoh through st, [yoh, draw yoh through 2 loops] 3 xs. One tr complete.

As you can see after completing a few stitches, while there are many steps to this one stitch each row is three times the height of a single crochet. There is also a lot of space between the stitches making a fabric that isn’t as dense as the single crochet. This makes for a quick mesh-look to any project!

Happy crocheting, everyone!




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