Four Designs for Men; The Minneapolis Collection

Our latest eBook release:

The Minneapolis Collection: Eight eclectic crochet designs for men & women inspired by portraits of a Midwestern city.

Our model Corin committed to this project while we were still in the designing stages with Nerd Girl Yarns. It was very difficult to winnow the choices for Corn’s designs down to four.

We are so excited about these designs for men! Click on the links for more info on Ravelry.

Stone Arch Bridge Scarf

This scarf celebrates the cool breezes coming off the Mississippi

and the beautiful old railroad bridge that still spans its powerful waters.




Nicollet Ave Tie

We can’t wait to dress up and take this tie out for a night on the town,

listening to a local jazz band or admiring

the fading light over the skyline while dining on an outdoor patio.




MIA Ascot (Minneapolis Institute of Art)

The versatility of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Ascot

can lend itself to a highbrow afternoon of art gallery perusing

or a down-to-earth evening of burgers and brew.




Franklin Street Beanie

This beanie is a true celebration

of the warmth and comfort of Maria’s Cafe

and the diverse culture alive around Franklin Street.



Minneapolis Collection eBook & single patterns: Ravlery Etsy


This eBook exclusively features Nerd Girl Yarns.

Our eBooks are filled with helpful photos and feature printer-friendly pattern pages (text only) for those who like to keep your pattern in the same bag as your project.


Be well dear readers. Crochet often. Create Always!




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