New Designs

I was featured on Crochetville’s National Crochet Month Blog Tour. Check it out here.

I was interviewed by author of the Drawn series, Maria Keffler. Read all about it here.

New designs:

Dragonfly Stole 

YarnBox-2016-56 YarnBox-2016-23 YarnBox-2016-21


Amethyst Bandana 

YarnBox-2016-11 YarnBox-2016-06


More designs:

Uptown Tunic Remix

IvaTunic-08 IvaTunic-06


Circle of Friends

BeroccoHatCowl-20 BeroccoHatCowl-17


Blooming Bolero

IvaCircleShawl-2 IvaCircleShawl-6


La Mecha Beanie

Simplebeanie-Izzie-05 Simplebeanie-Izzie-06-IG Simplebeanie-Izzie-08-IG

Be well dear readers!




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