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30 Free Patterns Before Christmas – Pattern #2

30 Free Patterns Before Christmas is BACK!
Pattern #2: Shoreline
Use coupon code FREE2 at checkout.
(Your cart should say “FREE” – if you were sent to Paypal, the code did not work. I cannot refund accidental purchases. Thank you for understanding!)
Code expires 11/23/18 at 11:59 pm CST.
Click here to get your free pattern.
Head on over to Ravelry, download the pattern for free, give it a “heart”, and tell your friends to get in on the free pattern bonanza! Share this post with your friends!
Be sure your cart states ‘free’ –
I can’t refund accidental purchases.
If you are sent to PayPal, the code wasn’t applied.
Thank you for understanding.
30 Free Patterns Before Christmas
– List of patterns that were free (but have now expired).
Snag any you missed for 50% off on Ravelry! Use code CHRISTMAS50 here.
1. English Rose Garden Scarf (Expires soon!)
2. Shoreline (Expires soon!)

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Autumn Paradox CAL check-ins happen at the group!


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