Happiest Birthday Wishes

finished hat+cowl-02Hey everyone, it’s Monika! (Who am I?) Last week, I promised Abbey (the imagination behind this blog) that I would write this week’s post for Monday (which was also HER BIRTHDAY!). Yes – Monday, Feb. 25. Yes – yesterday. (That is, unless you’re on the other side of the world… oh, just kidding. No matter where you are at on the globe this post is still belated…) But without further ado, a my happiest birthday wishes:

Abbey! You are delightful and so very talented; I’m honored to be working alongside of you on a business that is so completely you. Your passion and creative brain has given me a higher standard in my own work, and I am thankful for our frequent Skype meetings that keep me inspired (and, ahem, on task). Words simply fail me to describe you – but I am confident that everyone who reads this blog and has met you knows the full extent of your beautiful spirit and endless spark!

Cannot wait to see the next year unfold for you in all of its newness and adventure…

– your partner in crime crochet


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