Tutorial: How To Count Stitches

Counting stitches is an important skill in crochet. When you first learn to crochet you have to learn where in the world to make your next stitch, right? This is the same thing, but instead of focusing on one stitch at a time, you are counting many at once. There are a few ways to look at stitches, but there are two that are pretty universal with any type of stitch.

If you need assistance with other stitches, please refer to our previous tutorials (see tab above).

If you need a closer look at a step, click on the photo and it will enlarge. Use the back button on your browser to return to the page.

counting sts-01The first is to look at the stitches from the side, just like you do when you crochet. I worked a single crochet (sc) in 5 stitches then pulled them out. Notice how there are raised loops between my thumbs? Each loop is a stitch. From my left thumb: 1 yellow, 1 light purple, 1 dark purple, 1 purple/green, 1 green, 1 yellow.

counting sts-02Another way to look at stitches is from the top. Notice there are sideways “V ‘s” or what looks like parallel loops.

Take a look at your own project and look at it from the side and the top and try to count your stitches.


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