Tutorial: Tubular Crochet Steps

Tubular crochet is perfect for first time crochet projects. Most of our patterns do not require rows to be connected or work to be turned, allowing the beginner to focus entirely on mastering one stitch at a time. Crochet is all about muscle memory. Our hands need to be trained first, then we can move on and add to our skills.

Here is a list of our picture tutorials for tubular crochet. Some steps are only used for tubular crochet (i.e. connecting chain with slip stitch), other steps may be applied to all aspects of crochet (ie. cast on and finish off).

1. Cast on and chain
2. Connect chain with slip stitch
3. Single crochet in each chain loop
4. Connect first single crochet row
5. Slip stitch
6. Finish off and tie
7. Cinch

Available patterns for tubular crochet:

Coffee cozy

Cinch hat

Sunglasses case

Infinity Scarf

Cowl Hat

Monika-02finished hat+cowl-04

sunglasses case-02finished hat-04chaining-05


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