When Yarn Attacks

You’ve all experienced it.

You find the most perfect skein of yarn.

You vow in the store to take it home and create something beautiful.

You brew a cup of tea.

Get cozy in your chair.

And right when your creativity is buzzing, it happens….

The yarn attacks.

Tangled Yarn

You try and stay calm.

Take a sip of tea.

Take a deep breath.

You know you are in for trouble when you can’t find an end of yarn anywhere in this giant pile of…

*gulp* ridiculously pretty fiber that now looks like it has something living in it.

You start winding one end until you get too stuck to carry on.

Find another end.

Wind until…


Is that yet another end?



This skein has it in for you.

Here’s the photo to prove the implausible.


Four ends of yarn.

Deep breath.

Not sure who will win.


Time to call for reinforcements.

She’s cute.




And totally unimpressed about this yarn attack.


The yarn realizes it is in the hands of a fearsome power, unflagging resilience, that force of nature perhaps best described as a toddler…


And so the yarn capitulates.

We win.

Be well dear readers and never give up when faced with an impossible tangled mess of yarn!


Progress of this yarn story’s next chapter here.

Please share your own yarn war story in the comments!


4 thoughts on “When Yarn Attacks”

  1. May you never have a yarn war story! I’m happy this story brightened your morning. Thanks for stopping by!:)


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