Tutorial: Starting and Ending Double Crochet Row in Tubular Crochet

So far in our Tubular Crochet series, none of our patterns have required rows to connect. Rather, we’ve worked rows in a spiral. Now we are adding to our repertoire. The sunglasses case requires three distinct rows of double crochet, so the two strings for the cinch can weave in the center row. The infinity scarf is made of six double crochet rows. Each row begins with two chains and ends with a slip stitch into the 2nd chain made at the beginning of the row.

Here we will demonstrate how to begin and finish a series of double crochet (dc) rows.

starting+ending dc row-03

For the sunglasses case, to keep things simple, we end with a single crochet (sc), then move on to making the double crochet (dc) rows without a transition. For the more advanced – you can do one of two things to transition: slip stitch (sl st) in the next stitch (st) then work chains as instructed; or from the last sc, chain (ch) 1, then work 1 dc in next st and in each st around.

starting+ending dc row-04

1. To begin, chain (ch) 2.

starting+ending dc row-05

2. Wrap yarn over hook (yoh).

starting+ending dc row-06

3. Insert hook into next stitch (st), yoh, and pull a loop through the st (3 loops on hook).

*Unless otherwise directed in a pattern or tutorial, always work under both loops of the stitch.

starting+ending dc row-07

4. Yoh, pull loop closest to head of hook through two loops (2 loops remain).

starting+ending dc row-08

5. Yoh, pull loop closest to head of hook through last two loops (1 loop remains). One dc made!

starting+ending dc row-09

Repeat steps 2-5 around row. Now we will connect the row with a slip stitch (sl st).

starting+ending dc row-10

6. Insert hook into 2nd ch made at the beginning of the row and yoh.

starting+ending dc row-11

7. Draw loop through st (2 loops on hook).

starting+ending dc row-12

8. Draw loop closest to head of hook through the next loop (1 loop remains).

starting+ending dc row-13

9. Begin new row by chaining 2. Repeat steps 2-8 around row.

Last row: end with sl st and finish off.

Please comment below with any questions!

Happy creating,



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