Book Review: Noodle’s Knitting

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Noodle’s Knitting by Sheryl Webster

Illustrated by Caroline Pedler

Published by Little Tiger Press

ISBN 978-1848950931

Hardcover: 32 pages

Summary (as on the publishing page): A mouse named Noodle finds a ball of wool and decides to knit a scarf, which grows so big that she is trapped inside her house.

The Firefly Hook’s Review of Noodle’s Knitting

Audience: Children

Theme: No one accomplishes anything alone.

Highs and Lows:

This sweet mouse, Noodle, is distracted while knitting and walking across a stream and a field. Her friends save her from trouble: the hedgehog gives Noodle two of her prickles for knitting needles; the frog helps her not slip into the stream; the squirrel catches Noodle when her knitting gets caught on a thistle and she is flung into the air. In the end, Noodle helps her friends by letting them snuggle up in the gigantic scarf she knit along the way. These events give children the perfect picture of the kind of community every creative spirit needs.

Of all the animals to include in a story, it seems silly to have a frog snuggle up with the animals at the end. While it’s not realistic that a mouse would knit, it seems another animal would have been better suited to help and later be helped by Noodle.

Gush and Rant:

I love this story. Noodle is so very dear and grateful throughout the story. The flow of the story is perfect – Noodle is distracted by her newfound skill and is helped by her friends. The book is not too long, or too short. The wool on every page offers a sensory aspect – it feels soft to the touch! Kids love when I read this book to them – they repeat the cadence with Noodle: knit one, purl one, knit two together. They also laugh whenever Noodle is funny. It’s the perfect read aloud book.

I really would have loved a bird to swoop down and rescue Noodle from the stream instead of a frog. I just keep thinking, “That frog is going to die,” when he snuggles up with the rest of the animals. But the kids never notice!

Favorite Quote:As the needles looped the wool, a small row of stitches appeared. ‘Ooh look what I did… look what I did!’ squeaked Noodle.”

Overall Grade: A


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