What Inspires You?


Collecting skills you truly enjoy is a lifelong adventure.

My love for crochet led me to a love for yarn.

This led me to pursue the process yarn goes through from sheep to skein.

I took a class.

I bought a drop spindle.

I bought cheap Lincoln wool.

I bought a book on hand dyeing.

I made yarn.

My family bought me several giant bags of alpaca.

I bought a small drum carder.

I made batts of fiber from which I spun yarn with my drop spindle.

I feel deeply connected with every spinner in history when I spin wool into yarn. 

Why did this process occur? Because my mother taught me how to hold a crochet hook 25 years ago.

You never know where one step will take you. So learn something new today.

picking yarn-04Inspire someone else to learn what you love. Pass it on.

Be so excited about something that people are baffled.

Be well dear readers. Crochet often. Create always!



1 thought on “What Inspires You?”

  1. Like you I was also interested in learning more than the crocheting I watched my mother doing when I was very young. I also spin,weave, sew, and knit. Love it! their is nothing more relaxing.


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