Front Loop Only (FL only); Back Loop Only (BL only) Tutorials

In case you need further assistance on what “BL only” means in our Sock Tutorial we made this special tutorial just for you!

We will show you how to work in both the back and front loops of a stitch and how this affects the look of the row. Unless a pattern specifies otherwise, always work under both loops.

Back Loop Only – (BL only)

Fl and bl-02
BL only – Picture above shows a loop drawn up in the BL only. Notice the ridge in front of the stitches already worked. This ridge is created when the front loops are left behind when stitches are worked in the BL only.
Fl and bl-01
BL only – Note the stitches already worked in the BL only. Notice the next unworked stitch: there are two parallel loops to a stitch. The one closest to my thumb is the front loop, the one closest to my forefinger is the back loop.

Front Loop Only – (FL only)

Fl and bl-04
FL only – Picture above shows the stitch just worked and the previous stitches in the FL only. Can you see the back loop left behind?
Fl and bl-05
To make a stitch in the FL only, insert hook into the front loop of the stitch (the one closest to your thumb) and work stitch as you normally would.
Fl and bl-06
Note where the hook is – only the front loop, leaving the back loop unworked.
Fl and bl-07
FL only RS (right side) facing
Fl and bl-08
FL only – WS (wrong side) facing. Note the more prominent ridge on the WS compared to the WS or RS when the stitch is worked in the BL only.

It’s fun to play around with working in the BL and FL of stitches and see what effects you can make. I love working in the BL only when working on a project that switches colors. It allows the color from the previous row or round to shine and not get covered up by the next row’s (or round’s) color.

We in the Northern Hemisphere sure are ready for Spring and our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are getting ready to hunker down for winter. What seasonal projects are you working on?

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