Tutorial: Trinity Stitch (T-st) & working single crochets in the T-st

Trinity Stitch (T-st):

This tutorial will demonstrate how to work T-st into single crochets (sc) and how to work sc into the T-st as it is used in our Prayer Shawl.
T st-01Before we begin, take note in the photo above how this stitch is constructed. Three loops are drawn up through three stitches then brought together in one. The T-st in this tutorial is worked into the single crochet stitches from the previous row.

T st-02

1. Insert hook into same stitch as last stitch made. See photo above.
T st-032. Draw a loop up (2 loops on hook). See photo above.
T st-043. Insert hook into next stitch. See photo above.
T st-054. Draw a loop up (3 loops on hook). See photo above.
T st-065. Insert hook into next stitch. See photo above.
T st-076. Draw a loop up (4 loops on hook). See photo above.
T st-087. Yarn over hook (yoh). See photo above.
T st-098. Draw yoh through all 4 loops on hook. See photo above.
T st-109. Chain 1. See photo above.
T st-1110. One Trinity stitch complete!

Tip: When drawing loops up through the stitch, make sure the loop is brought up to the same height as the initial loop. This ensures you have a consistent gauge and a properly fashioned stitch.

Written instructions for the T-st – (Trinity stitch): Sc3tog by inserting hook into same st as last st made, draw up loop, [insert hook into next st, draw up loop] 2 xs, yoh, draw yoh through four loops on hook, ch 1. (one T-st made)

Single Crochet in Trinity Stitch:
Sc in T st-01Working single crochets (sc) in your T-st is easier if you work 2 sc in the stitch space and skip the chain. Not only is this easier, it opens up the T-st making it more beautiful and pronounced. Look closely at the photo above. Notice the T-sts in blue and the 2 sc in green. The ch is right next to the 2nd sc, the T-st is right next to the ch.
Sc in T st-021. Insert hook into T-st. See photo above.
Sc in T st-032. Work 1 sc. See photo above.
Sc in T st-043. Work a second sc in the same space. See photo above.

Happy crocheting, everyone!

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15 thoughts on “Tutorial: Trinity Stitch (T-st) & working single crochets in the T-st”

  1. One of the best tutorials I’ve seen. Your pictures are so clear i can see every stitch. So helpful, thank you!


    1. That’s wonderful! I’ve made so many of these hats – I hope your grandchildren enjoy them. I make them for boys in boy colors… so fun.

      Thanks for stopping by The Firefly Hook.



    1. Thanks for stopping by and letting us know how you like the tutorial. It’s always hard to know if something will make sense to others the same way it makes sense in your own head!:)

      Happy crocheting!


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and letting us know what you think about the tutorial. It’s always nice to know if our tutorials make sense to someone else!:)



    2. Stupid question here… when you say “draw up loop”… what do you mean? I know what sc is and yoh and I can see the T stitch construction through the 4 loops, but I don’t understand where you are “Drawing up” the loop from. Or do I need to go back to a beginner class to catch that term? Hopefully I didn’t offend you by the silly question. I am self-taught. (or not as the case appears to be) lol


      1. Hello!
        Thanks for stopping by.

        It’s not a stupid question:) It might be easier to explain if I use a single crochet as an example. You draw a loop up through the stitch when you begin a single crochet. You put your hook in the next stitch, yarn over hook, then pull the yarn over through the stitch (or you just drew a loop up). I hope that makes sense. Feel free to ask more questions. That’s so great you taught yourself!

        Keep on crocheting,



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