Malabrigo & The Wyoming Collection

As longtime readers know, for the past couple months we’ve been working hard on a project in collaboration with Malabrigo yarn company.

We were delighted to work with a company as wonderful as Malabrigo for these reasons:

1. They are a small, family business based in Uruguay.

2. They are passionate about their product.

3. Their yarn is Abbey’s favorite to work with for new designs.

4. They offer yarn support for independent designers (not all yarn companies do!).

5. They provided the yarn for us to design seven original pieces all connected to one theme, and then they promote our project on their blog and social media sites. They call this collaboration the “MFPP“.
The Wyoming Collection cover***

From Malabrigo’s blog: 

What on earth is “MFPP”? 

MFPP stands for Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project. 

Every month, we collaborate with an independent designer (or two) to bring you delightfully themed pattern collections! 

You can see past MFPP collections here.


I can’t say enough great things about this company and their fabulous yarn.

You can see Malabrigo’s blog post about our Wyoming Collection here.

Here’s how we paired Malabrigo yarn with each project:

Open Sky Shawl in Arroyo # 856 Azules


Arroyo Azules for Open Sky Shawl

Juniper & Sage Cowl in Merino Worsted in # 75 Garden Gate


Merino Worsted Garden Gate for Juniper and Sage Cowl

Wildflower Throw in Rastita in # 866 Arco Iris & #136 Sabiduria


Rastita Arco Iris for Wildfower Throw


Cowboy Coffee: French Press Cozy & Coasters in Mecha # 48 Glitter


Mecha Glitter for Cowboy Coffee

Little Buckaroo Horseshoe Slippers in Rios # 96 Sunset & #624 Coco


Rios Sunset for MC on Slippers

Rios Coco for CC of Slippers

Outlaw Bandana in Chunky # 181 Marron Oscuro


Chunky Marron Oscuro for Outlaw Bandana

Tumbleweed Satchel in Aquarella # 12 PalmarChunky # 181 Marron Oscuro


Aquarella Palmar for Tumbleweed Satchel

Chunky Marron Oscuro for Outlaw Bandana

All the MFPP projects are on Malabrigo’s Pinterest board here.

Have you worked with Malabrigo yarn before? Tell us about your projects and favorite yarn of theirs in the comments below.

Happy crocheting!



4 thoughts on “Malabrigo & The Wyoming Collection”

  1. I absolutely LOVE Malabrigo yarns! I was traveling for family funeral some time ago and noticed a little yarn shop near my hotel….In I went, of course! we just cannot resist a yarn shop!
    I bought two skeins of Malabrigo (silky merino) – with no specific project in mind…then had to find more to finish a long convertible infinity scarf. It is absolutely the nicest yarn I’ve ever worked with! I just found a new shop near me and bought MORE and MORE Malabrigo silky merino AND some worsted….
    Love it! and will always look for it!


    1. I totally understand the obsession! I seriously love all their yarn. I’d like to swim in a pool of their silky merino.

      Happy crocheting!



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