Video Tutorials: To help you keep crocheting!

Hey everyone!

I started making YouTube videos just to help my crochet students continue to crochet once they got home. When you learn to crochet for the first time there are SO many skills packed into a 2 – 3 hour class. My main goal is to get my students confident in the single crochet. It seems simple, but there’s a lot going on just with doing the stitch correctly. Common mistakes are working more than one stitch in each stitch or skipping stitches. Knowing how to work a stitch is one thing, knowing WHERE to work it is another. But once you are working a single crochet correctly, you can learn so much SO FAST! It’s the strong base on which everything else is built.

I’ve complied a few of my tutorials for you to view and share as you’d like. Enjoy!


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