New Poms! Sale & Free Pom Offer!

New poms!!

FREE pom with every order!

Offer expires 12/1/19

All poms 20% off, clearance poms 50% off!

Introducing Charlotte & Wilbur – I adore this book and the unlikely friendship between these two. And yes, I named a pom after a spider… but it’s Charlotte you guys – probably the only spider we all ADORE!

A few new free ones:

Baloo: A beloved bear in all greys.

Foxhound: Anyone else love that movie growing up? So sad! So good! Ugh my heart…

Silver Bells: This one is a fun pom with a short, even, pile – a perfect pouf to top any project!

Cry Wolf: An old pom with a small variation – now this poms has a bit of brown on the ends! I hope you’ll love it as much as I do!


How to get a free pom:

Order a pom (or two or three or four) and leave me a note at checkout and let me know which pom color you want for free! That’s all!
Shop for poms here.
Please share this post with your friends & crafty maker folk – I appreciate it!

Some more current colors:


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