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Hey everyone!

It’s been a year since The Firefly Hook teamed up with Elle Inspired to bring you a YouTube Channel filled with knit and crochet races, banter, tutorials and love:) We want to keep doing videos together and share with you more about how to crochet, knit and CREATE.


Would you subscribe to our channel?

You can also comment on this post and let us know what other videos you would like to see!

Would you like a crochet or knitting tutorial?

Have us try a craft we’ve never done before?

(Like that one time we tried to punch needle? haha!)

Ask us a question you’d like answered in a video like – How do you get videos done with 9 children, 2 dogs and a cat?

We’d love to hear from you!


Abbey (for Abbey+Elle)

Would you subscribe to our channel?

Here’s our most popular video:


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