Drawn Designs – Knit and Crochet Designs Inspired by the Acclaimed Novels

Drawn Trilogy

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I read all three books in a week… I couldn’t put them down. I HIGHLY recommend!

Inspired by the Drawn novel series, the six designs in this pattern catalog bring Juliet Brynn’s world to life. Whether you knit or crochet, you’re sure to find something here to bring the magic of Drawn into your own world.

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Individual Patterns:

Get Mark Sweater (Knit):
You might not like the girl, but you can’t help but like her sweater. Especially when it helps you show your cretin of a brother exactly what you know. With it’s tiny buttons, almost imperceptible buttonholes, and smooth, woven-quality fabric, the Get Mark Sweater will be your go-to anytime you need a cardigan. Give it back? Why should you? She shouldn’t have left it behind if she wanted to keep it. Knitted in classic Linen Stitch, this wool sweater will take the chill out of anything except your attitude.

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Gwynevyr Wrap (Knit):
Knitted in elegant Linen Stitch, the Gwynevyr Wrap is sophisticated softness draped in graceful warmth. Fine enough to gather or fold into a scarf but wide enough to swathe you in an ample wrap, wear it with or without its hood. The ends drape to body-slimming points, and their inset pockets are nearly invisible until you slip your hands inside.

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The Damon Hat (Knit):
How often can a man’s item of clothing honestly be called pretty? But The Damon Hat really is. Knitted in the round in bi-color rib, then in Stockinette Stitch with three coordinating welts, this hat draws the eye almost as much as its namesake. And it’s as warm as his hand on a snowy day. Make it for him. Or for her. Or for him to share with her. Juniper Moon Farm, Moonshine, in Jungle, Chocolate, & Twilight.

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Hide The Red Hair Hat (Crochet):
Whether you’re having a bad dye-job day, or a normal old bad hair day, or just a cold head day, this is the hat to transform less-than-optimal into altogether awesome. Crocheted in single crochet and front post treble crochet, the branching cables accent the charming stripes of this ample hat, leaving plenty of room to tuck up plenty of hair, if that’s what you need to do to get through the morning. With a plush pom-pom perched on top, the Hide-the-Red-Hair Hat is more fun than four friends, a slumber party, and a box of cheap hair color.

Individual pattern:

Hide the Red Hair Hat $1.99

Juliet’s Audrey Hepburn Clutch (Crochet):
Grace, poise, and polish accompany this purse wherever it goes. To your debut art exhibit, on a romantic picnic in the hidden enclaves of the college library stacks, or for a birthday dinner that turns out to be someone else’s engagement party, you’ll channel Audrey Hepburn and look like you belong at Tiffany’s no matter what curve ball comes at you. Worked in double and single crochets, this simple, lined clutch can keep company with the likes of Coach, Kate Spade, and Michael Kors. Paired with your favorite little black dress and some strappy heels, you may turn more heads than you intend to.

Individual pattern:

Juliet’s Audrey Hepburn Clutch $1.99


Nonnie Afghan (Crochet):
Whether you’re torn between two loves or contemplating life on a cold winter’s day, sometimes you just need a covering under which to hide for a while. What could be better than a beautiful afghan like this one, made with love? Drape yourself in the creamy softness of this timeless blanket. Crocheted in a rich blend of llama and silk, its buttery texture belies its weight and warmth. Constructed simply of double crochets and chains, even the most inexperienced of crocheters will find this treasure a treat to work up.

Individual pattern:

Nonnie Afghan $1.99

Damon Hat (Crochet Version):

View free crochet pattern here.

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Yarns used in this collection:

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Juniper Moon Farm Moonshine & Stargazer

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Hope you liked the pattern! Comment below with any questions. I added some YouTube videos from my channel below. Enjoy!

Crochet often. Create always!



Need pattern support? Join our facebook community!


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