The Firefly Hook Meets Elle Inspired YouTube Channel

I am so excited to announce that I have a YouTube channel up and running. I am adding new videos weekly!

There are tutorials, tips, sneak peeks of upcoming designs and fun interactions with my dear friend Elle. We started doing videos & tutorials together this year. She knits! We have some seriously silly videos and videos where you can come learn with us.

Crochet VS Knitting : A Race for the Ages

If you haven’t seen our knit & crochet race… please watch! It’s a hoot!

Which is faster? Knitting or crocheting? Watch to find out!



And our rematch is pretty hilarious as well…

Knit & Crochet Cowl Race

Our last race used the same yarn to make a hat, but used different hook/needle sizes. This time we used the same yarn, had the same size hook/needle, and worked the same amount of stitches. Who did it faster? Who used more yarn? Whose project turned out bigger? Watch to find out!



And sometimes we try new things we know nothing about… like punch needle!

Punch Needling for Idiots

Clearly, we have no idea what we are doing. But we tried a new thing! Give us advice in the comments please!



Simple DIY Tassel Tutorial

Come learn how to make tassels with simple tools you can find around your home!


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DIY Blue Sky Fibers Tassel Kit

Learn how to make tassels!

I also hope to get more of my designs worked up in videos as tutorials for you all. I started doing videos over a year ago, but I think I’ve gotten a little better ha!



How the Hook met the Needles

Come hang out with Abbey + Elle as they talk about how they met, and Abbey’s true feelings about knitting…

Let me know in the comments which tutorials or designs I should do for my next video!



The Firefly Hook Update

BIG news!



Caffeinated Conversations S1E1

Come hang out with Abbey + Elle as they talk knitting, crocheting, and their true feelings about breakfast…



Caffeinated Conversations S1E2

Join us for Caffeinated Conversations S1E2 where we discuss all things fiber-related and Abbey’s true disdain for automatic bathrooms…


One BIG favor – would you subscribe to my channel? There’s a subscribe option at the end of all these videos here in this post.

Thanks for reading/watching! I’m so excited to share more soon!





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