Tutorial: Winding a Ball of Yarn

It is easy to assume everyone knows what you know. Especially when something comes naturally or you’ve been doing it for so long it has become second nature.

I love teaching crochet classes, and the interaction with each stage of crochet reminds me that what is at first difficult or confusing can quickly become habitual.  I always tell my students, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” because repetition is the mother of learning. More importantly we must remember that the expert in anything was once a beginner.

So if you’ve never tried winding a ball of yarn before, or if you’ve tried and ended up with a tangled pile, here’s the long and the short of it.

1. Begin by wrapping the yarn around two fingers. Wrap as much as is comfortable. No step in this procedure is an exact science.


2. Add a third finger and continue wrapping around.


3. Slip the yarn off of your fingers and pinch the yarn together (trying to keep the strands parallel with one another).

???????????????????????????????4. Wrap around fingers and pinched yarn. This method will keep the yarn loose in the center of the ball. The yarn won’t become embedded, and you won’t have to pull it loose as you are trying to crochet.


5. Next, wrap bands of yarn in various directions around the ball. Never spin ball around one axis for too long you will end up with a football! Pinch the ball of yarn and wrap using your fingers as a guide.


6. Here you can see the various bands – there should be crosses in all directions.


7. Wrap the end of the yarn around a bobby pin as pictured.


8. Insert pin into ball of yarn to secure end.

Happy winding!


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