Stuffed Giraffe

Here he is – my first ever crocheted stuffed animal.

I loved creating this little guy… well, he’s not very little at 18″ sitting.

I especially love commissioned work that allows for free flowing creativity. My only guidelines made this project delightful: stripy and multi-colored in boy colors.


Since I am used to making crocheted animal hats, the head, horns, and ears weren’t very difficult. It did take a fair amount of fiddling to get the legs to hang how I wanted.

They needed to be perfectly floppy.

I achieved perfectly floppy but it required less stuffing than I thought. The yarn ends from each stripe filled it out pretty well.


I can’t wait to ship him off – there’s a newborn baby boy waiting for him!

Next up: Crocheted stuffed monkey.

After that? I may have to write some amigurumi patterns…

Which stuffed animals have you crocheted?

Be well!


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