The Firefly Hook: Where it all began and where we are going. Part III

skydivingI’ve been giving you the history of the Firefly Hook and filling you in on a few key players. Quote from Part II: Neither Abigail or Monika crochet, but somehow this is the most perfect collaboration I’ve ever been a part of.

If we were skydivers, Abigail would make sure all the details were in order, Monika would make sure we jumped at the right time, and me? I’d probably jump too soon and forget my chute.

I’m not easily fired-up, but if I’m excited I will give it all I’ve got and won’t wait around. Nothing will stop me. I’ve been accused of flying by the seat of my pants and have been called ‘impulsive’ more than once. Without my team of dear friends, this endeavor would definitely be a free fall without a chute!

Abigail and Monika are my team, my dearies, and my best support.

dancing sheep-01Another excellent addition to what we do – I started teaching crochet classes for adults and children at the Dancing Sheep Yarn & Fiber. It’s my favorite yarn shop in the world and getting paid in yarn has been wonderful for my design work.

2013- What a year it has been so far. We launched our vision, named it The Firefly Hook, started a blog, and began photographing and writing down my designs. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the sweet connections I’ve made on this blog, while teaching classes, and selling patterns.

Our vision to empower the creative spirit in others, value the connections fostered by the creative mind, and adore the beauty in everything we experience has impacted all we do.

We hope you are encouraged to create each time you visit The Firefly Hook.

Be well, dear readers. Crochet often. Create always!

~ Abbey

Part I

Part II


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