Featured Free Patterns: Baby Blankets by Oombawka Design and Elisabeth Andree.

Abbey and Iva
Photo by: Monika Rae Photography

Okay people. Let’s talk babies. They are cute, snuggly, and give new hope to a weary world. Yes, they also can be smelly, messy, and make a mother weary. But seriously, crocheting a gift for a new baby is the best.

Here are three good reasons crocheted baby items are wonderful: babies are amazing (for all the aforementioned reasons), tiny things are the definition of cute, and… baby items are so quick to make!

Welcome back to our series of baby crochet projects complete with links to free patterns. You will also notice my (maybe-too-sassy-to-be-humble) opinions on which items to splurge for nice yarn and which to go cheap; which items are potential heirlooms and which are easily worn to shreds; and of course, those items we know aren’t very practical but are so stinking cute we can’t resist making.

Ready for another free pattern?

Iva wrapped in a knitted gift. Photo by: Monika Rae Photography
Iva wrapped in a knitted gift.
Photo by: Monika Rae Photography

Blankets: Crocheter beware. Yes, babies are small but even a small baby blanket will take you days or weeks to complete. All that yarn, all that love you put into that piece… will it be appreciated or folded into the pile of 1,000 blankets that baby already has? And does every member of that family either sew, quilt, knit, crochet, embroider, etc.?

I’m not saying every baby doesn’t deserve a beautiful blanket made with love, but maybe your handiwork will be better appreciated if you made something else. I’ve made a select few blankets for friends’ babies, so I’m not against them.

I’ve also collected a few crocheted and knit blankets that friends have made my babies – and they are among my favorites! (*psst* don’t tell my husband, but I’m never getting rid of them either…) Baby blankets do make excellent heirloom pieces, just be sure to choose quality fiber.

So, if you really want to make a blanket for that sweet new bundle, here’s a few things to consider:

1. Choose a simple pattern. Please take this advice if you are a beginner. Blankets, no matter the size, have a tendency to turn into trapezoids. And you will cry. I don’t want you to cry.

2. Make a sampler. For those who want a challenge, why not crochet motifs or practice new stitches by making squares all the same size and sewing them together? Your project will be one of a kind!

3. Make a lovey instead. My kids all have a 12 x 12″ blanket we call lovey or snuggle-bug. Some are the taggie style, some are beautifully quilted, and others are cut square and surged around the edges. A small lovey could be competed in one sitting and may become that baby’s favorite item to snuggle.

Two free baby blanket patterns from two beautiful blogs:

Click photo to view pattern designed by:
Oombawka Design

I love this pink blanket – it has a beautiful design that is sure to please!

I wouldn’t attempt it as a first time crochet project, but the lovely edging will cover up any slight and accidental trapezoid if you want to go for it.

The designer created this pattern for a very special baby bundle: her niece.

Click photo to view pattern designed by:
Elisabeth Andree

Elisabeth Andree, the designer of this sweet, blue blanket, wished it to be three things:

modern, baby blue, and boyish.

It met and exceeded this and I would add that it is great for beginners!

Let us know how you like the patterns.

Happy Crocheting!


Photos of Iva Grace: the lovely Monika of Monika Rae Photography took these in my bedroom one week after my daughter arrived into the world. Thankful for my dear friend and the sweet memory of that tiny bundle!


7 thoughts on “Featured Free Patterns: Baby Blankets by Oombawka Design and Elisabeth Andree.”

  1. Hello Abby,
    Thank you so much for featuring my baby blanket, I feel honoured:)
    Regarding your question about using a photo: please feel free to do so.
    Thanks again and have a lovely weekend.
    P.S. Love your website!


    1. You are very welcome. It’s a beautiful design! I just commented on your blog, but I should have asked if I could use a photo from your post! Let me know if that’s okay:)



      1. Absolutely! Let me know if you need it to look different once I post it:)
        Thanks Rhondda,



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