Featured Free Patterns: Cocoons by My Merry Messy Life and Relief Share

My daughter Iva’s bassinet.
Photo by: Monika Rae Photography

Okay people. Let’s talk babies. They are cute, snuggly, and give new hope to a weary world. Yes, they also can be smelly, messy, and make a mother weary. But seriously, crocheting a gift for a new baby is the best.

Here are three good reasons crocheted baby items are wonderful: babies are amazing (for all the aforementioned reasons), tiny things are the definition of cute, and… baby items are so quick to make!

This is the next pattern in our series of baby crochet projects complete with links to free patterns. You will also notice my (maybe-too-sassy-to-be-humble) opinions on which items to splurge for nice yarn and which to go cheap; which items are potential heirlooms or easily worn to shreds; and of course, those items we know aren’t very practical but they are so stinking cute we can’t resist making.

I know – you are ready for another free pattern. First, some thoughts…

Cocoons: These are the best. Use a cocoon as a cozy blanket or for a super snuggly photo prop for newborn pictures. Whether making them for gifts or for swaddling your own baby, these are sure to be a hit. Cocoons are also wonderful first time crochet projects because you simply work around each row in a spiral and can use beginner stitches. Basically, a cocoon is constructed in the same fashion as an adult-sized hat, only slightly wider and much longer.

Click picture to view pattern and tutorial by My Merry Messy Life

If you are interested in something a little different than a “long and wide hat” check out this freebie. This pattern by My Merry Messy Life has excellent picture tutorials to go along with each step. With a ribbed texture and buttons (for easy entrance and exit) this project is sure to stand out!

Click on photo to view cocoon pattern by Relief Share.

First time crochet project? Looking for something very simple? This pattern is perfect for you.

Let us know how you like the crochet patterns and we’d love to see pictures of your finished projects!

Happy crocheting!



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