Featured Free Patterns: Baby Dresses by Bethsco, Alicia Bergin, and Annoo Crochet.

Abbey & Iva
Photo by: Monika Rae Photography

Here are three good reasons crocheted baby items are wonderful: babies are amazing (for all the aforementioned reasons), tiny things are the definition of cute, and… baby items are so quick to make!

Welcome back to our series of baby crochet projects complete with links to free patterns. You will also notice my (maybe-too-sassy-to-be-humble) opinions on which items to splurge for nice yarn and which to go cheap; which items are potential heirlooms and which are easily worn to shreds; and of course, those items we know aren’t very practical but are so stinking cute we can’t resist making.


Dresses are about the sweetest project to make for a new baby girl. If you are going to tackle crocheting a garment, I would suggest making a baby dress as a first time garment project. If a mistake is made, the item will be small enough that you won’t cry (much) if you need to rip out a few rows.

I searched high and low to present these perfect patterns to you. Believe me, I’m not sharing the first free patterns I can find. They need to be darling, well written, well designed, and excellent tutorials are an added bonus.

Visit these blogs, let them know how much I adore their designs, and let me know how your project goes! Remember, if you need assistance you can ask the designer or Ask Abbey.

Click to view the pattern and tutorial from Annoo Crochet.

This pattern was designed using simple shaping and while the skirt looks complex, it is easy to achieve. This is the perfect summery dress and when winter comes around you can throw a long sleeved onesie under or finally crochet that cardigan you’ve been putting off! Annoo Crochet has excellent tutorials and step-by-step instructions to help you!

Click to download on Ravelry.
Pattern by: Alicia Bergin

This pattern is perfectly simple. Honestly, a beginning first-time crocheter can make this. It uses the Tubular Crochet method and increases at the bodice to create a full skirt. The straps are a beginner’s dream: they are short straight rows with zero shaping! This straight-forward design is sure to please and will make an excellent first time crochet garment project!

Click to view “Sweet Summer Dress” pattern by Bethsco.

untitled 1

This is another simply designed dress that won’t stress you out! I love the easy shaping and scalloped straps that meet in the back. The dress pictured was made out of an unraveled sweater and repurposed into this design.

Let us know how you like the patterns!

Happy Crocheting!



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