Featured Free Patterns: Shoes and Sandals by Whistle & Ivy, Lovely Little Life, and Topsy Turvy.

Bare baby feet are pretty sweet, but they’ll look sweeter with a pair of crocheted shoes or sandals!
Photo by:
Monika Rae Photography

Okay people. Let’s talk babies. They are cute, snuggly, and give new hope to a weary world. Yes, they also can be smelly, messy, and make a mother weary. But seriously, crocheting a gift for a new baby is the best.

Here are three good reasons crocheted baby items are wonderful: babies are amazing (for all the aforementioned reasons), tiny things are the definition of cute, and… baby items are so quick to make!

Welcome back to our series of baby crochet projects complete with links to free patterns. You will also notice my (maybe-too-sassy-to-be-humble) opinions on which items to splurge for nice yarn and which to go cheap; which items are potential heirlooms and which are easily worn to shreds; and of course, those items we know aren’t very practical but are so stinking cute we can’t resist making.

Shoes and Sandals:

Anything for baby’s feet are quick to make and inexpensive. Since they take up just a few yards, why not splurge and make them from a silk alpaca blend, or a super wash wool? It is also totally fine to use a less expensive acrylic because they aren’t going to be adventuring through the yard quite yet.

Sandals, shoes, and booties aren’t great for first-time crochet projects. BUT baby items are excellent for a first attempt at making footwear – they are so small you won’t cry if you need to rip out a few rows (or the entire thing).

Baby booties are an easy classic, but why not get creative and give a one-of-a-kind baby shower gift? Check out these incredibly darling and totally unique shoes and sandals:

Click to view sandals pattern designed by:
I’m Topsy Turvy

These sandals are incredible. They were designed by I’m Topsy Turvy with her little boy in mind. As a mother to two boys, I appreciate finds like these. It’s very easy to add a flower or change a color to make any project girly, but it’s sometimes difficult to find a project that’s all boy – and these sandals fit the bill. Follow this amazing pattern that includes helpful tips and pictures – you are sure to have a good time making these!

Click photo to view FREE Flower Power Baby Sandals pattern
by Lovely Little Life

Seriously. Could these sandals get any cuter? These sandals, created by Lovely Little Life, are sure to make any mother-to-be thrilled. These sweet sandals strap on over crocheted buttons for a beautiful Grecian style look. These shoes are sure to make any fashionista’s heart sing!

Need help? Check out Lovely Little Life’s step-by-step tutorial on how to make these sandals. It’s excellent!

oneonone copy 2
Click to view FREE Little Dot Mary Janes pattern
by Whistle and Ivy

These are the sweetest Mary Jane’s. This is a free pattern, but the designer is taking donations to help a family friend whose daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer. These shoes were specially designed with this little girl in mind. Even if everyone who downloads the pattern just gave a dollar, it would go a long way!

Have fun with these patterns and make sure to browse their wonderful sites.

Happy crocheting!



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