Yarn Wrapped Christmas Trees

Getting kids excited about yarn can be difficult. Especially if they are too young to handle a hook or needle.

I’m here to save the day!

Here’s a kid friendly Christmas project – yarn wrapped Christmas trees. The trees pictured were made by 8 year old girls in a class I taught at The Dancing Sheep Yarn & Fiber here in Casper, WY. As you can see, we had a lot of fun!

This is an excellent project to get kids who are too young to crochet or knit interested in yarn. It’s also a great way to use those long, never ending chains kids end up with when they first learn to crochet. Wrap yarn straight from the skein, wrap the chains, or even wrap finger knitted sections around the trees.

Here’s what you need:

Cones – you can purchase foam ones from a craft store, or use any cone-shaped item. The ones pictured are cones from large skeins of sewing thread. You could even form your own out of card stock.

Glue gun – draw about four vertical lines with the glue to help with grip. You will also want to add something to the top of the trees later and you can use the glue gun to secure.

Yarn – anything festive or sparkly works well.

Tree toppers – felted balls and painted stars glued to popcicle sticks are pictured above, but tap into your creativity – the sky’s the limit! Make star or swirly shapes out of pipe cleaners, cut stars from tin foil, make tiny pom-poms out of yarn scraps, etc.

How to make the trees:

Have an adult work with the glue gun. Draw vertical lines on the cones. This adds a little grip and keeps the yarn from slipping.

Once the glue is dry and cooled off, let the kids wrap the trees (you may need to help them get started by wrapping over the start of the yarn a few times so it won’t slip off). Wrap from the bottom to the top. You can wrap the trees all kitty wonkus or evenly up the cone.

Once the cone is wrapped, cut yarn and use a hook to tuck the end under yarn to hide it (you can also wrap the yarn to the top and secure with glue). Make your tree topper and glue to the top of the tree.

With all the kids gathered for the Holidays, you could end up with a yarn-wrapped forest!

Merry Christmas, everyone, and happy yarn wrapping!


Here’s some more Christmas projects for you to try:

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