Crochet on the Runway

I love seeing crochet included in high fashion and here it is: Crochet on the Runway.

Photo from Crochet World

From Crochet World: “Patchwork style also seems to be making an impression this season. Have you ever thought of combining fabric swatches with your crochet? It is easy to do, especially with a loosely woven fabric that you can poke the hook through and slip-stitch the thread or yarn right onto the fabric. From there, a lovely edging can enhance the color or style of the fabric. The possibilities are limitless.”

I won’t lie… I have a secret desire to see someone famous (okay, maybe just well-known) wear something I’ve designed.

Talk of crochet and high-end fashion turns my mind to something a gorgeous movie-star donned on the red carpet.

Cate Blanchett on the red carpet for the opening of Screen Worlds.Call it what you want (dress/ blanket/ whatever) but Cate Blanchett can rock any dress. Not only does she look stunning while she takes this giant risk in fashion, she simultaneously gives a giant nod, bow and curtsy to each and every crocheter.

However you feel (as a crocheter) about the granny square, you respect it as a true classic.

You may hate this dress as you view it through the eyes of a regular person (who doesn’t know what working in the round even means let alone how to make a square by starting in the middle), but you respect it as one who understands the art of crochet.

And if you are honest, you are super jealous you didn’t design this beauty yourself, have a classy movie-star wear it, and have everyone in the world either gush about how daring the piece is or barf all over the red carpet because they hate it so much.

Seriously. Be brave. Create something. Ignore the haters cuz, you know, haters gonna hate no matter what you do.

Be well dear readers,



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