Crochet Art and Stop Motion Video

I love collaborating. Especially when you meld minds with people who are stellar and passionate about their work. That’s why I love what we do at The Firefly Hook – it’s a place where three friends in three different states bring three very different talents to the table: photography, editing, and designing.

I also love mixed media art. When I teach crochet classes for young kids, one of the first things we do is play with yarn. We draw pictures and then learn how to make pompoms. We lay our drawings over the plastic canvas and sew the pompoms on so they make 3-D additions to our art. The pompoms become clouds, rabbit tails, flowers, or anything their creative minds imagine.

Monika and I created this stop motion video (with the help of my amazing nephew who turned our photos into a video).

Stop motion-01I crocheted the flowers beforehand…
Stop motion-12Monika then drew stems and leaves while I clicked the camera…
Stop motion-36Then Monika photographed the flowers as I swirled them into place atop their stems. We didn’t show my hands so it looks like the flowers are doing it on their own.
Stop motion-38We then framed our art. Check out our stop-motion video here!

What ways have you used crochet to create art?

Next week we will share three methods of working in the round and how to create a tiny flower like the ones we used in the video and the photos above.

Until next time – be well, crochet often, create always!




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