7 Free Crochet Patterns For Your Home

Pioneer Rug – Free Crochet Pattern

My kids and I recently listened to all the Little House on the Prairie books. I love connecting to that time in history when people lived off the land and depended on each other to survive.

Double Layered Handle Holder – Free Crochet Pattern

I wanted to design a cozy that could be worked in rows then folded twice so it would be more fun for me to make them. The cozy on a cast iron needs to be double-layered because the pans are so heavy. If you only have one layer, your fingers could press against the holes in the cozy (which is supposed to function as a protection against the heat) and you’ll get a burn and probably a broken toe when you drop the pan.

True Blue Throw Pillows Free Crochet Pattern

Motif Stool Cover – Free Crochet Pattern

Reinvent your home décor with these easy-to-create stool covers. The suggested yarn is unique t-shirt yarn is made from recycled factory off-cuts so you can add pops of color to your home and feel good about it all around!

Tucked In Time – Free Crochet Rug Pattern

This playful rug is the perfect place to sprawl out for a quiet time. It can add cheerful color to a quiet corner or offer a little foot comfort next to a bed. My own children all tuck into their own spots for some quiet time with books every day, and I tuck away the sweet memories of these young years to treasure always.

Tale of Two Rugs – Free Crochet Pattern

I designed these rugs for my boho living room.

Free Pattern and Tutorial: Tried & True Beginner Blanket

I designed this blanket with the true beginner in mind. Maybe you took a class, or a friend taught you the single crochet. You’ve made a stack of hats, but you want more! This is the project for you.


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