Double Layered Handle Holder – Free Crochet Pattern

We are huge fans of cast iron in our house.

I won’t wax on about how awesome cast iron is or start a debate on how to properly season your pans. I’ll refrain because if you are looking to make an accessory for your pans you are already well-aware of cast iron’s many benefits and I’m sure you’ve formed all your opinions about the way to properly care for these superstars of the kitchen.

One thing I will share is my favorite dish to make in my cast iron: Shepherd’s Pie. Cook the meat, add veggies, plop mashed potatoes on top and throw the entire pan in the oven. It’s a one-pan-wonder! (My favorite recipe is from 100 Days of Real Food in case you need it)

There you are in a kitchen that smells heavenly with nothing but a cutting board to wash and some time to crochet until dinner. By the time your shepherd’s pie gets bubbly delicious inside, you can whip up one of these cozies.

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I designed a cast iron handle cozy a few years ago – double layered and worked in a tube. I’m going to be honest – I really hate working on little projects. It hurts my hands and fingers when I can’t hold onto the project while I’m crocheting. (Am I the only one?)

I wanted to design a cozy that could be worked in rows then folded twice so it would be more fun for me to make them. The cozy on a cast iron needs to be double-layered because the pans are so heavy. If you only have one layer, your fingers could press against the holes in the cozy (which is supposed to function as a protection against the heat) and you’ll get a burn and probably a broken toe when you drop the pan.

So here you are – a cozy to make your hands happy twice: worked in rows and double layered.

I wrote this pattern as a guest post for Whistle & Ivy.

View pattern here.


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