New Pom Colors In The Shop! And A Free Pom Offer Too!!

But first the bad news…

A few colors are on their way out. It’s so hard to say goodbye – especially when I LOVE a color SO MUCH. But sometimes a color gets discontinued so it’s out of my control. Here’s the ones you should snag up before they’re gone…



Mister Fox

Silver Fox

My original 4 colors (Big Bad Wolf, Aslan, Peter Cottontail & Mister Fox) will no longer be in my shop! I hope I can find the all again someday. Peter Cottontail is long gone, I still have a lot of Aslan left, but I cut my last bits of Mister Fox and Big Bad Wolf just has a little left. So snag up all these beauties while you can!

Onto the GOOD NEWS!!!

Remember Lion’s Roar??? He’s BACK!!

And Lynx is so similar to Mister Fox, I almost just switched without saying anything. But I know that’a been such a popular color, I didn’t want anyone to be disappointed. Lynx has the same delicious drape but with darker ends. I know you’ll love it!

By now you know I love stories – written or told on-screen. And most of my poms are “fan poms” with some names obvious (Big Bad Wolf, Three Pigs) and other obscure (Li’l Sebastian, Paul Anka) where only true fans will understand the reference. Not sure where these names fit in, but I am a big fan of Once Upon A Time and these colors seemed so fitting for these two. You get jet black for Killian and pure white for Emma.

Charlotte’s Web anyone? I came out with the pom combo “Charlotte & Wilbur” a few months ago to honor these two fictional friends. I can no longer get Wilbur, but I found this INCREDIBLE dusty pink color and named it after the accolade Charlotte gave to Wilbur to try and save his life. Charlotte & Some Pig – I know you’ll love them both!!

Now that I introduced two of these colors (Emma Swan & Some Pig) let’s take a moment to drool over these gorgeous colors, shall we?

I just HAD to get the cream color, even though I don’t have a character name for it. These 3 together = perfection!

This one gives me the giggles. What a hilarious pair. I love when I find perfect names to name after my favorite movies or books. And The Emperor’s New Groove is definitely in my top 3!

Oh man. Peter Pan is one of my favorites. Every book, remake, sequel, version, interpretation, movie…. ALL OF IT! Finding Neverland, Peter and the Star Catches, you name it – I love it.
Neverland is a lot like Unicorn with it’s color variation, but it’s darker and more dramatic. It has a grey center and black ends with different cool colors mixed in (blue, purple, green).
Captain Hook used to be the pom named “Burgundy” but since that’s the color he wears in one of the movies, I thought it appropriate to make the switch.

Peter Pan – Wild and green. A perfect fit.

Tiger Lily. Don’t you just love her? And these colors sing her name!

Lost Boys reminds one of the hoods and tails worn by the boys in a few movie versions. This pom is so poofy!

Narnia – this pom just made me think of magic. So I named it after this fantastical place.

Mr. Tumnus and Aslan get added here so all the Narnia poms are together.

 Pom Deal

Buy one pom, get one free!

But here’s the rules – read carefully:

Clearance poms are excluded (they are 60% off right now, so feel free to snag some up!)

My regular priced poms are 15% off and qualify.


For each pom you purchase, you get a free pom (of equal or lesser value). So yes, if you buy a large pom with a 25mm snap, you can get a FREE large pom with a 25mm snap. But no, if you buy a small pom with a yarn tie, you cannot get a large pom for free.

Offer ends 2/29/2020.

Please expect a shipping delay of a few days as some of the fabric is still on its way to me! I’ll be in touch if it takes longer than expected.

Make sense?

Okay! Have fun trying all the fun, new colors. And please comment with any questions before you purchase.




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