Featured Free Patterns: Moogly’s Collection of Baby Booties

Photo by: Monika Rae Photography
Photo by: Monika Rae Photography

Okay people. Let’s talk babies. They are cute, snuggly, and give new hope to a weary world. Yes, they also can be smelly, messy, and make a mother weary. But seriously, crocheting a gift for a new baby is the best.

Here are three good reasons crocheted baby items are wonderful: babies are amazing (for all the aforementioned reasons), tiny things are the definition of cute, and… baby items are so quick to make!

This is the first pattern in our series of baby crochet projects complete with links to free patterns. You will also notice my (maybe-too-sassy-to-be-humble) opinions on which items to splurge for nice yarn and which to go cheap; which items are potential heirlooms and which are easily worn to shreds; and of course, those items we know aren’t very practical but are so stinking cute we can’t resist making.

Baby booties:

Who doesn’t love throwing something sweet and comfy on their feet? And a baby sure is sweet and comfy in crocheted booties! They are practical, useful, and depending on the style, may fit longer than most socks or shoes.

Since they take up just a few yards, why not splurge and make them from a silk alpaca blend, or a super wash wool? It is also totally fine to use a less expensive acrylic because they aren’t going to be adventuring through the yard quite yet. Durability isn’t needed, they just need some darling kicks to keep their cute toes warm and look fashionable while sleeping.

Check out Moogly’s amazing collection of TEN bootie patterns: Show me your booties

Let us know how you like the patterns and what tiny (or time consuming) item is your favorite thing to make a baby.

Happy Crocheting!


Photo of Iva Grace: the lovely Monika of Monika Rae Photography took that in my bedroom one week after my daughter arrived into the world. Thankful for my dear friend and the sweet memory of that tiny bundle!


2 thoughts on “Featured Free Patterns: Moogly’s Collection of Baby Booties”

  1. please help. I want a booties pattern for my 2 month old grand daughter. want a pattern using cotton thread. it is very warm in India, hence unable to use woolens.


    1. Hello,
      If you are able to find a worsted cotton you could use any of these patterns. If you want a different weight yarn (like thread) you could check on Ravelry for different pattern options.



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