Scrap Yarn Challenge

stash hat-01How many times have you ended up with a pile of yarn like this in your stash? The yardage is so small you can’t even consider it stash yarn… it is most definitely scrap yarn.

Having a giant stash of yarn inevitably means you will end up with a giant pile of scrap yarn. Let’s talk about things to do with that pile of yarn balls.

First, some rules.

1. This will not be a clean-cut, neat project. It will be whimsical and one of a kind.

2. You can use any pattern to use up your scraps, and your scraps may be of any weight – just be sure to use a hook and pattern for the thickest yarn.

3. The gauge may be a little wonky if you use different weights of yarn, but you need to just go with it. Be free-spirited, even if it means going against your nature.

Scrap Yarn Challenge #1 The Multi Colored Pixie Bonnet

Pixie hat-02

This was so much fun to make. If you have your model with you, chain enough so the length reaches from ear to ear. You will construct a long rectangle, fold it in half, and sew up the back. Add flowers to the side and ties to the front corners. What I loved about this project is that it used up my very small balls of yarn.

Scrap Yarn Challenge #2 The Monochromatic Pixie Bonnet


This particular bonnet I made for a friend’s baby. It was so fun to choose a few balls of yarn that had a similar hue to them. I fashioned this pixie just like the other one but after sewing the back together, I added a row of single crochet around all the edges to create a clean-cut trim, and then finished it off with a ribbon.

Scrap Yarn Challenge #3 Crochet Fruit and Flowers


This challenge is such an easy one! These grapes and cherries are made up of small circles. How fun would it look to have grapes with many hues of purple? Even flowers take such a small amount of yarn that you can certainly use up all those scraps. Find a pattern with a smallish flower or make up your own. If you are making a large flower, go ahead and get wild – change colors in the middle of a row as many times as you need to! We have this Grapes and Cherries pattern for sale in our Etsy shop.

Scrap Yarn Challenge #4 The Multi Colored Headband

Stash headband-02

This headband is great for yarns of different weights and styles, some are fuzzy and others worsted. Chain a length equal to the head circumference. Keep in mind your chain may be tighter or looser than your stitches, and you will need to adjust for that. This headband is the perfect application of our Tubular Crochet method.

Scrap Yarn Challenge #5 Ear Flap Hat

Stash hat orange-05

This ear flap hat was so fun to make. I found cotton and wool yarn that had orange and red in it. At each intersection where one yarn ran out and another was added, I embroidered a star with the tail of the old yarn to transition to the new.

Stash hat orange-04

Scrap Yarn Challenge #6 Beanie

Stash hat blue-01

This beanie used yarn of all different weights and colors. I selected natural fibers for this one: alpaca, wool, silk, bamboo, and cotton. The weights were worsted, bulky, and sport. I used the lighter weight yarn around the base of the hat to give it a more fitted look – the main part of the hat is greater in circumference than the trim.

Stash hat blue-06

If you need a beanie pattern, try our Simple Beanie.

What are your favorite scrap yarn projects?

Post your scrap yarn projects on our facebook page!

Be well dear readers. Crochet often. Create always!


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