Taking Crochet to the Street… Yo?


There’s a new graffiti in town.

It may not be as vandalistic or permanent as paint, but it sends a message nonetheless.

It’s more than “I was here.”

It’s more altruistic than a tag.

What am I talking about?

Yarn bombing.


 It’s not about ego.

It’s not about glory.

It’s about passing on the relentless spirit of creativity.


Especially in a city where grey concrete reigns supreme, a pop of creative color will brighten someone’s day, encourage their mind to think of blue skies and glorious sunsets, and maybe even create a ripple effect that makes the world a better place.


Yarn bombing isn’t just for those skilled with hook or needle. YOU can do it with your own bare hands and a skein (or two… or three… or four) of lovely yarn. Just simply yarn wrap a pole and spread some creative cheer.

Need some Yarn Bombing guidelines? This article answers a few good questions: Is it trespassing? Is it vandalism? Perhaps not if you attach your art in a non-permanent way on public property.

Want to yarn bomb on the go? Check out this bicycle and Greedy for Colour’s tutorial!

Bunting for Bicycle Basket – click to view free pattern and tutorial by Greedy for Colour.

More yarn bombing fun:

One Sheepish Girl

Playing Hooky Designs

Ladies Fancy Work Society

Mike and Molly’s House

Commuter Knitter

What are your favorite yarn bombed spots? Mine are those pictured above at the Dancing Sheep Yarn & Fiber in Casper, Wyoming’s downtown main street.

Keep creating dear readers!



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