Iva’s Slipper Socks Crochet Pattern

Bulky socks-08

Have you ever wanted to make crocheted socks?

Do you think it sounds scary?

I thought so too. This super easy method will knock your socks off… or on?… okay, I’ll stop.

First, you need a small foot to practice on. If you don’t have a small relative or little friend nearby, then your own foot will work just fine.

We are going to use bulky yarn and a larger hook. This will encourage you and help you feel confident so you can easily transition to making socks with sock yarn and a smaller hook. This method will work for any hook with any yarn.

You can find the pattern you are looking for here on Craftsy for $2.00

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9 thoughts on “Iva’s Slipper Socks Crochet Pattern”

  1. I love it! but I REALLY wish you would clarify the heel gusset for a larger size…it needs to be deeper but I can’t figure out how to do it.


    1. Hello!

      I will try and help – what size hook and yarn are you using? And what is the stitch count around before you start the heel? I’ve worked this pattern myself and taught it as a class for many feet, yarn and hook sizes. I will do my best to help you figure it out in the comments (but it’s always easier to show in person!).



  2. Thank you so much for this lovely pattern! FINALLY, a tutorial for making socks that makes sense! You (and your cutie patootie sock model) have completely made my day!


  3. I want a pair of those for ME! I have some lovely Pothies but would like just to be able to make some similar.


    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy making some. I’m gong to teach a class with these in a few weeks so we will see how that goes. The green really pops in the photo, doesn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by!



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